A street based apparel & entertainment company, poking fun at pop culture, current events and today's absurdities, to which we say F*** What U Heard! 

We are very proud to say that our company was founded over a decade ago (probably longer) and is now a well established multi-trillion dollar a year enterprise that consists of only 3 employees....(well, that's not entirely accurate), BUT we do have 3 employees....Me, Myself and I.

Founded on the premise of always striving to open minds, provoke thought and bring people together through bold fun and fashion. It is our intention to move you through a range of emotions, making you feel happy, disgusted, excited, appalled, horny, even a little angry times,... all while looking good. We hope to impress you and have you so intrigued, that you'll actually want to go out and steal our shyt. (BTW, please don't go out and steal our shyt!)

We've come to enjoy a weird but exciting sense of pride as we Produce, Promote, and Pervert pop culture through fashion, music and other noise. Through travels, experiences and mistakes, we realize that "We live in a world full of Beautiful Bullsh*t"...ironically, it's the level of stink of that bullsh*t in our day to day lives that helps us form opinions, ideals and moralities. Through the brand, we intend to expose and express ourselves while making fun of those same opinions, ideals & moralities.

AND YES!,... we will sometimes say the wrong thing, throw a few wild parties, give some unsolicited advice and YES!,...we'll probably occasionally flash an obscene gesture or two, but FWUH!,...we're only making FUN of sh*t and having a good time!

So if you see someone wearing one of our tees, hats or hoodies,... walk right up to them and tell them that Me, Myself, and I said "FUCK WHAT U HEARD".....and THANKS for the SUPPORT!